Monday, June 18, 2007

"Beruk" and "Kera"

Both from the same species. One with short tail and the others with the long tail. Same eating habits and living in the same habitats.
But .....
"Beruk" never bite the owner. But "Kera" otherwise.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Natural Needs

The natural needs, not just limited to a good food, drinks and wearing apparatus. There are lots more than that.
Lets see in natural growing needs:
Most of the time, it will become a very difficult task to a kid to explain or to convince the parents for what they needs. Sometime they just cannot explain and remain pressured and scared.
It is also sometime a difficult task for the parents to say their views and hope, in convincing the kids.
In this matter, the father most understand the boys. The mother most understand the girls. This is natural.
Mind that the mother, shall contribute her views for the husband to make some says to the kids. The kids later will make his/her decision.

The parent shall not put on their interest or hope too much from their kids. It will become a selfish. Let them decide for their needs because they are the one to manage their future. The parents just can give their guidance and views in helping them in making the best decision, and we cannot stop them in going through the world. With the parents, they are not alone.

Mind you, the kids, naturally without parents you would not become a kid as you are now.

Get a suitable time, and think!